Wednesday, 10 April 2013

World's Top Diamond Mines

1.) Jwaneng : Botswana. Jwaneng is owned by Debswana. (50% DeBeers, 50% Botswana government) Opened in 1982 it now produces 60% to 70% of Debswana’s total earnings. Jwaneng is the richest mine in the world. In 2009, the mine treated 8.2 million metric tons of rock to produce 11.5 million carats.
2.) Argyle : Australia. The Argyle mine in northwest Australia and is owned and operated by Rio Tinto. The mine began production in 1985 and has produced more than 750 million carats through 2010. The mine is the world’s largest producer of pink diamonds. "Argyle Pinks", as they are known, account for just 0.01% of production. The Argyle mine produced 9.8 million carats in 2010.

3.) Orapa : Botswana. Orapa is Debswana-owned. The mine was opened in 1971 and is an open-pit mine from which nearly 13 million metric tons of rock was processed in 2010, yielding 9.53 million carats.
4.) Catoca : Angola. The Catoca mine in Angola is owned by a consortium that includes Russia’s Alrosa, Brazil’s Odebrecht, Israel’s Daumonty and Angola’s state-owned mining company. The mine went into production in 1997 and is expected to produce 60 million carats over its lifetime, about 35% of which are gem quality. Production in 2009 totaled 7.5 million carats.
5.) Diavik : Canada. The mine is owned by a joint venture between the Harry Winston Diamond Corporation and Rio Tinto Group. The mine consists of three kimberlite pipes associated with the Lac de Gras kimberlite field and is located on an island 20 km2 (7.7 sq mi) in Lac de Gras. It is about 220 km (140 mi) south of the Arctic Circle. The Diavik mine produced 6.5 million carats in 2010.

6.) Venetia : South Africa. The Venetia mine is owned and operated by De Beers. The open-pit mine began production in 1992 and now produces about 40% of South African total diamond production. The mine processed more than 4 million metric tons of rock in 2010, producing about 4.3 million carats.
7. Ekati : Canada. The Ekati mine is 80%-owned by BHP Billiton. The open-pit mine began operations in 1998 and processed 4.93 million metric tons of rock in 2010, producing 3 million carats.