Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Formerly mysterious golden object found in Jerusalem cemetery

For months, Israeli antiquities experts have puzzled over a mysterious golden object discovered in a Jerusalem cemetery. But thanks to the internet, the artifact that stumped some of Israel’s top experts has finally been identified.

Weighing almost 19 pounds, the foot-long object was gold-plated, shaped roughly like a football with a series of grooves cut into it and featured palm-sized knobs at both ends. However, while antiquities experts were mystified by the object, it didn’t appear to be ancient: the grooves seemed to be made by a machine, for one thing, and the object itself was found buried inside a plastic pipe.
Ancient artifact the object is not. In fact, for just $400, you too can own an “Isis Beamer harmonizer.”

Made by a German company called Weber that specializes in New Age talismans and other “bioenergetic products,” the “Isis Beamer” comes in a variety of sizes and is advertised as possibly being able to “harmonize geopathic and electromagnetic radiation fields” in a radius of up to almost 40 feet.
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