Wednesday, 15 June 2016

3,500-year-old tribal gold lunula found in Tarrant Valley, Dorset

Treasure hunter David Spohr was searching in Tarrant Valley, Dorset in 2014 when he found a 3,500-year-old tribal gold necklace called a Lunula. - meaning 'little moon' in Latin due to their shape.

 The necklaces were worn by ancient tribal leaders as a symbol of their power.
The lunula unearthed by Mr Spohr weighs 71.5 grams, and is one of only a handful ever found in mainland Britain. Only three others have ever been found in Britain, the last of which was dug up in Wales in 1869.

The necklace could be worth as much as £20,000. The find would have been worth even more but it is thought to have been damaged by a farmer's plough.

Lunula, Late Neolithic/Early Bronze Age, Mangerton

Gold lunula from Blessington, Ireland, Late Neolithic/Early Bronze Age, c. 2400BC – 2000BC