Saturday, 23 June 2018

More than 80 shackled skeletons found in ancient mass grave

In 2016 archaeologists found a mass grave near Athens, Greece, containing more than 80 skeletons. The wrists of the skeletons were all bound in iron shackles.

Archaeologists believe they were part of a mass execution.
The skeletons were found in the Falyron Delta necropolis, between Athens and the port of Piraeus. It’s believed that the victims may have been part of a failed coup plot, supporters of Cylon, who attempted to take over Athens. Cylon was an Athenian noble who attempted to seize power in the city in 632 BCE, where his father-in-law, Theagenes, was tyrant.

The coup was opposed, and Cylon and his supporters took refuge in Athena's temple on the Acropolis. Cylon and his brother escaped, but his followers were cornered by Athens' nine archons and killed.