Thursday, 3 May 2018

The Roman shoe hoard of Vindolanda

1,800 years ago the Roman army built one of its smallest but most heavily defended forts at the site of Vindolanda, which is now a part of the Frontiers of The Roman Empire World Heritage Site. The small garrison of a few hundred soldiers and their families took shelter behind a series of large ditches and ramparts, while outside the walls a war was raging between the northern British Tribes and Roman forces.
Once the war was over (AD 212) the troops and their dependents pulled out of the fort, and anything that they could not carry was tossed into the ditches. In 2016, archaeologists excavated the ditch and discovered an incredible time capsule of life. Amongst the debris were dog and cat skeletons, pottery, leather and 421 Roman shoes.
The shoe hoard gives an indication of fashion and affluence of the occupants in AD 212 with some very stylish and well-made shoes, both adults and children’s. They are the best preserved Roman shoes ever found.