Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Ancient Greek City Bargylia for Sale for $8.3 Million

The ancient city of Bargylia, in modern day Bogazici, Turkey, is up for sale in an effort to protect the ancient archaeological site from decay and treasure hunters. The site’s theater, acropolis, fortification walls, and necropolis make up a Grade 1 archaeological site which dates back to the first century B.C.
The ancient city is about 81.5 acres and has been private property since 1927, but it has been falling into disrepair. “We hear the sounds of treasure hunters at night, but we cannot do anything out of fear” a local said. A long-abandoned monastery in Bargylia now serves as an animal shelter and cows graze among the ruins. A proper archaeological dig has never been performed at Bargylia so it is unknown what treasures lie underneath.