Monday, 21 May 2018

Roman emperor Macrinus

Roman emperor Macrinus reigned for about a year, from 217 to 218, before falling victim to assassination, a fate that befell many of his peers. One of three known gold aureus coins of the type for Macrinus is a highlight of Numismatica Ars Classica’s May 9 auction. After Caracalla’s murder, Macrinus proclaimed himself emperor without awaiting confirmation from the Senate in Rome. This and reigning in soldiers’ pay made him a target. The veteran soldiers revolted. The coin was struck at the very end of Macrinus’ short year-long reign, probably sometime between April and early June of A.D. 218. 140,000 CHF
Diadumenian, AD 218. Gold Aureus (7.2g) minted at Rome, AD 218. Marcus Opellius Diadumenianus, ten-year-old son of emperor Macrinus (AD 217-218), was granted the rank of Caesar soon after his father had succeeded the murdered Caracalla. Coinage in his name was struck in all denominations, though his gold is extremely rare. $310k in 2013.