Saturday, 21 July 2018

Stack’s Bowers Galleries August 2018 ANA Sale

Macedon. Alexander III (the Great), 336-323 B.C. AV Distater, Aegeae Mint, ca. 336-323 B.C.The Ancient and World Coin sale will be offered on two days, starting on August 14. The event will be held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia.Syria. Seleukid Kingdom. Diodotus Tryphon, 142-138 B.C. AR Tetradrachm.

Septimus Severus, A.D. 193-211. AV Aureus (7.26 gms), Rome Mint, ca. A.D. 202.
Una and the Lion 5 Pound. Great Britain, 1839.
France. Ecu d’Or du Dauphine, ND (1542-47). Romans Mint. Francois I (1515-47). NGC MS-62.