Monday, 1 January 2018

Skeletons And Ancient Gold Coins Found at Pompeii Excavation

In June 2016 archeologists uncovered four skeletons and gold artifacts inside the site of a former shop located near Pompeii’s Herculaneum gate, on the outskirts of the city. Three gold coins and a gold-leaf pendant were found among the remains in the Pompeii shop. The gold coins have been dated to between 74 and 78 A.D. The shop may have been used to create bronze items. In another area, they uncovered a limestone tomb, dating to the fourth century B.C., which contained a body of a man.

Archaeologists weren’t the first to enter the store. Looters previously tunneled into the store and in their search for treasure pushed the victims’ remains against a wall.
The four skeletons, believed to have belonged to young people, were found in the back of the shop. The victims, including an adolescent girl, are thought to have sought refuge inside the store before they were overtaken by the volcano.
Excavations at the shop, as well as a second in the area, started in May.

A third of the ancient city remains buried beneath volcanic debris.
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