Tuesday, 3 January 2017

NYINC - ancient and world coins and paper money

A 1923 100 Tomans issued by the Imperial Bank of Persia and payable at Kermanshah only. Graded Choice Very Fine 35, this is one of the rarest banknotes from present-day Iran.
NYINC is considered one of the premier events of ancient and world coins and paper money. The floor auction, which will be held on January 12, includes numerous rarities that are very seldom offered for sale.

A 1908 Zanzibar 5 Rupees graded Very Fine 35 by PCGS. Zanzibar holds a special place in the hearts of world-banknote collectors, as all notes from this island off the coast of Tanzania are rare.

Lot 2008 (Sicily): Tetradrachm of Akragas (17.20 g), ca. 420–410 B.C. Choice VF
An 1839-dated 15-piece Proof set, containing all denominations struck that year for circulation in Proof format, plus a pattern gold 5 Pounds of the famous “Una and the Lion” design.
1716-dated gold Ducat struck under Peter I. Graded AU-55 by PCGS, this is a rare type that incorporates Latin legends instead of the Cyrillic legends usually found on Russian coins.
A 1750-dated example struck under Elizabeth and graded AU-58 by PCGS. This is the finest known example.