Sunday, 14 May 2017

British treasure hunters caught hunting for the wreck of a 'Nazi gold ship'

SS Porta, sister ship to SS Minden.
A group of British treasure hunters have prompted a diplomatic row with Iceland after they were caught searching for a ‘Nazi gold ship’. Advanced Marine Services have been accused of looking for the wreckage of German cargo ship SS Minden by Icelandic authorities after a stationary Norwegian research boat Seabed Constructor, rented by the firm, was spotted in Icelandic waters.
SS Minden sank off the coast of Iceland on September 24, 1939. Minden was on its way from Rio de Janeiro in Brazil to Germany when it was stopped by British ship Calypso. As instructed by German authorities Minden’s crew sunk the ship so the British wouldn’t catch it. The cargo on board the ship is now a topic of debate. Historians claim records say the cargo on board was worthless. Some are saying gold was on board.