Thursday, 11 January 2018

Stater of Tarsus

Tarsus was an ancient city located on the southern Mediterranean shore of Asia Minor in what is now modern Turkey. It was already ancient when the Persians added it to their empire, with habitation going back to the Stone Age. It sat at the intersection of important trade routes, and saw many conquerors come and go. The Hittites, the Assyrians, the Persians, Alexander the Great, the Romans, the Byzantines, the Arabs, the Crusaders and the Ottomans (among others) all held sway over the port city.

Head of a nymph, a common motif on the coinage of Greek city-states around the Mediterranean
The city is best known in the west for its ties to two stories: it was where Marc Antony first met Cleopatra, and as the birthplace of Paul the Apostle.
Cleopatra's Gate, an ancient Roman gate that is still standing in Tarsus
The ruins of ancient Tarsus are covered by the modern city with archaeology barely scratching the ancient city.
Roman Baths at Tarsus