Wednesday 28 February 2018

Ancient Egyptian cemetery found

The series of eight tombs contain burial shafts that date to the Late Period, which began in 672 B.C., to the Ptolemaic dynasty, which began in 332 B.C. The tombs were found in a city called Minya, just south of Cairo. Artifacts and human remains were found. Many of the burials are associated with the ancient Egyptian god Thoth.

Archaeologists also found four alabaster jars with the Egyptian god Horus carved onto the lid. The jars contain the mummified organs of the tomb's mummies.
Researchers also found 1,000 ushabti figurines. The small blue-green figures were commonly placed in deceased ancient Egyptians' tombs and were thought to represent workers in the afterlife.

So far, the Egyptian excavators have unearthed 40 sarcophagi