Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Ancient jewellery - Christies

A pair of Etruscan gold ear studs. C. 530-500 BC. $30,000.
Standout pieces from the Antiquities sale at Christie’s New York in 2016.
A Greek gold olive wreath. Late classical period to early hellenistic. $295,000

A Celtic gold torque. C. late 4th century BC. $125,000.

Eight Sarmatian Gold Phalerae circa 1st century B.C. $ 12,000. A phalera was a gold, silver, or bronze sculpted disk worn on the breastplate during parades by Roman soldiers who had been awarded it as a kind of medal.

3 Celtic gold finger rings. Late 4th century. $75,000

Viking gilt silver pendant. 10th century. $14,000