Sunday, 13 May 2018

Remains of ancient horse discovered at Pompeii

Archaeologists have been able to cast the complete figure of a horse that perished in the volcanic eruption at Pompeii.

The discovery was made outside the city walls, in Civita Giuliana to the north of Pompeii proper.
Excavation in the area revealed what archaeologists identified as a stable, complete with the remains of a trough. Traces of a harness in valuable iron and bronze were found by its head, suggesting that the animal was of considerable value. While the skeletons of donkeys and mules have been found at Pompeii, in a stable attached to the Casa dei Casti Amanti ('House of the Chaste Lovers'), it's the first time archaeologists have unearthed the complete outline of a horse. Discoveries continue to be made at Pompeii.
Last month, archaeologists discovered the complete skeleton of a young child in a bathhouse long thought to have been fully excavated.
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