Saturday, 14 May 2022

UK gold quarter stater

A Celtic quarter stater was found in Ulverston in 2017. It is from around 115 to 100 BC and could have been lost or buried at a time of approaching military turmoil. Julius Ceasar was the first to bring a Roman army to Britain in 55 and 54BC but he got no further than Kent and the Thames Valley. A permanent conquest began by Cladius from 43AD led to the building of forts, ports, towns and farms which were to last for hundreds of years. The Guildhall Museum at Rochester in Kent has a hoard of 11 gold staters which was found packed inside a hollow fossil flint sponge which had been buried in Kent.
The museum display noted: "Staters can be described as coins but are not currency - they do not have a uniform, recognized monetary value. They were a way of storing treasure and of rewarding people."