Friday 2 June 2023

Judaean Coins featured at Goldberg’s New York

Two extremely rare Year 4 shekels.
The collection of Shlomo Moussaieff included over 150 extremely rare Judaean and Judaean-related Roman coins. It was auctioned by Goldbergs Auction in 2018.
Superb Year 5 shekel
The most important Judaean-related Roman coin issued in between the two Jewish revolts against Rome features the Emperor Nerva. (96-98 CE) The most well known Judaean-related Roman coin series is “Judaea Capta”, consisting of bronze, silver and gold coins celebrating the Roman victory over Judaea in 70 CE.

This sela, dated in Year Two (133/134 CE) of the Second Revolt, was struck over a tetradrachm issued by Galba, who reigned for seven months from 68 to 69 CE.

Judaea Capta type sestertii generally have the inscription IVDAEA CAPTA or VICTORIA AUGUSTI, but this extremely rare hybrid features the strange legend IVDAEA AUGUST.

Very rare Judaea Capta type gold aureus

SC (Senatus Consulto = by consent of the Senate).