Friday, 18 February 2022

Amazing Discoveries

In 2018, a farmer on Crete parked his car on his property outside of Kentri. The earth under his vehicle sank. He found the remains of an extremely rare undisturbed Minoan grave (1400–1200 BC).
The Greek city of Zeugma was one of the Roman Empire’s pivotal trade centers.
It is known for the most breathtaking mosaics from ancient times. In 2014 three new mosaics were found. The most amazing is a scene depicting the nine Muses.
Around 1,800 years ago, a woman was buried on the small island of Sikinos.
Spectactular grave goods marked her as extremely rich. The entire site is a grave good, likely built to protect the woman’s remains.
The mausoleum stood as one of the most impressive and best-preserved in the Aegean.