Saturday, 9 February 2019

Ancients make top dollar at auction

Probus was Roman Emperor from 276 to 282. He was an active and successful general as well as a good administrator. Despite his popularity, Probus was killed in a mutiny of the soldiers while preparing for the Persian war.

A gold aureus of Probus (AD 276-282), graded NGC Ancients MS ★ 5/5 Strike, 4/5 Surface, sold for $156,000, or nearly double its presale estimate.
Victorinus was declared emperor by the troops located at Augusta Treverorum in the fall of 269. He was murdered in early 271 by Attitianus, one of his officers, whose wife Victorinus had supposedly seduced.

A gold aureus of Victorinus (AD 269-271), sold for $144,000. It was graded NGC Ancients XF ★ 5/5 Strike, 4/5 Surface, Fine Style.