Sunday, 17 March 2019

Captain Henry Morgan & the Lost Inca Treasure

On January 28, 1671, Captain Henry Morgan led a daring raid on Panama City, which at that time was the richest city in the Americas. In the process, he escaped with one of the greatest hauls in history. By 1670, Spanish forces were starting to threaten Jamaica, which was under English control. The legendary Captain Morgan was given authority to wage war on Spain. Outfitted with letters of marque from Britain, Captain Henry Morgan had extra incentive to attack high-value targets. He assembled a fleet of thirty-six ships and some 2,000 men. He considered several cities before finally settling on the infamous Panama City.
Morgan spent several weeks in Panama and eventually left with 175 mules loaded with gold, silver, and jewelry.

The haul was relatively light due to the fact that a few treasure-laden Spanish vessels managed to flee the harbor. There were accusations that Morgan left with the majority of the plunder. Morgan died on 25 August 1688; a state funeral laid Morgan's body at King's House for the public to pay respects. An amnesty was declared so that pirates and privateers could pay their respects without fear of arrest.