Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Rich grave of an ancient Crimean princess found

Hundreds of pieces of jewellery, including a stunning gold laurel wreath, have been found in the grave of a princess in Crimea. The wealthy woman is believed to have been an elite member of the Scythian nomad tribes who roamed across Europe and Asia in the first century AD.

She was adorned for the afterlife and surrounded with 140 piece of jewellery including earrings, a necklace and plaques on her sleeves. In the grave was a stunning laurel wreath of eight gold leaves. Researchers found two gold rings, one with a glass gem. The other was inlaid with translucent carnelian engraved with an image of Eros and and a dog.
The Scythian woman lived in the First Century AD at the same time as Christ, scientists say.

The artifacts are now held in the Netherlands. Ukraine is engaged in a legal dispute to retain possession of the collection.