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Hadrian was the third of the Five Good Emperors and reigned during the peak of Roman power. (117–138) His ascension was controversial as his predecessor Trajan hadn't chosen a successor until he was on his deathbed. Trajan’s wife Plotina sent a letter to the Senate declaring Hadrian as the new heir. It was only after the appointment that the Senate was informed Trajan had died.

Hadrian had a successful reign. He completed many building projects, including the Vallum Aelium. (Hadrian’s Wall)
Hadrian's Wall is one of Britain's major tourist attractions and a UNESCO World Heritage SiteHadrian was a military expert, but his reign saw little conflict. Hadrian selected Lucius Aelius Caesar to succeed him, but Aelius died suddenly. As an alternative Hadrian appointed Antoninus Pius with the provision that he would then choose Marcus Aurelius and Lucius Verus as his successors. Pius agreed, and the Golden Age of Rome continued.

Hadrian kept a beard, and all his coins show him bearded. Some accounts suggest it hid his facial battle scars.
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