Saturday, 4 May 2019

Rare Judaean and Related Roman Coins

The First Revolt was 66-70 CE. An extremely rare shekel produced in Year 4 plus the ultimate rarity–a Year 5 shekel. Each of these is Extremely Fine or better.

The Second Revolt was circa 132-135 CE.

Very rare Judaea Capta type gold aureus features a Roman trophy with the inscription DE IVDAEIS
Extremely rare hybrid features the strange legend IVDAEA AUGUST.
Titus, AD 79-81. Gold Aureus (7.35 g) A true rarity, researchers put a date early in AD 70 for the issue, which places it before or during the siege of Jerusalem (May-September 70).
Roman Emperor Galba ruled for eight months from AD 68 to 69
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