Tuesday, 14 June 2022

Amazing artifacts at Heritage

1862 Civil War Diary of Private Edward H. Ingraham. He saw extensive action and survived the war. He suffered from mental illness and died in an insane asylum on July 15, 1894 at age 62. Union Corporal's Forage Cap & Frock Coat Set.
World War I Propaganda by James Montgomery Flagg (Leslie-Judge Co., 1917)

D-Day: First American Flag Planted on Normandy Beachhead.
Imperial German Oldenburg Infantry Regiment No. 91 Model 1895 NCO Spiked Helmet.

Bullet-Struck Wood Linked to Gettysburg. Pair of wood pieces (each approximately 3.5" tall) with bullet and canister shot imbed in each. Each with paper labels inscribed "Cut From Fence Post Gettysburg John Pannick".