Tuesday, 27 August 2019

The Karun Treasure - Lydian Hoard

The collection is also known as the Lydian Hoard. The Karun Treasure is a collection of 363 Lydian artifacts dating from the 7th century BC and originating from Uşak Province in western Turkey. The collection was smuggled outside Turkey and bought by the Metropolitan Museum of Art between 1967-68, at a cost of $1.2m. A long legal battle ensued.

The hoard made news again in May 2006 when a golden hippocamp was found to have been switched with a fake. The items are now exhibited in the Uşak Museum of Archaeology.
The rich grave goods came from a high status female burial. Locals in Uşak believe that the treasure is cursed and that it brings misfortune and death. Popular rumor has all seven men involved in the 1965 illegal digs of the burial mounds dying violent and painful deaths.