Monday, 16 September 2019

Ingot find reveals UK’s ancient trade routes

Similar ingots, dating from around 1,300 BC, were also found at archaeological sites in Greece and Turkey.New evidence suggests Britain had trade routes with the rest of the world as far back as the Bronze Age. Researchers have revealed 3000-year-old tin ingots found in Israel actually originated from Devon and Cornwall.
Commodities such as tin, amber and glass were highly prized in the ancient world and were the catalysts of international trade routes. The origin of tin has long been an enigma in archaeological research. Bronze was used to make weapons, jewellery, and daily objects. Tin ingots are valuable for research because they can accurately point to their exact origin.

Around 3,000 BC, ancients began smelting copper with tin in order to create a stronger metal; bronze. The Bronze Age witnessed the development of many innovations. Societies around the world grew faster and more advanced and trade was the reason.