Friday, 18 October 2019

Highlights from Künker Fall World and Ancient Coin Auction

Lucania. Poseidonia. Stater, 530/500 B.C. Estimate: 15,000 euros, Hammer price: 30,000 euros.
The Künker Fall World and Ancient Coin Auction was well attended with many spectacular ancients changing hands.
Sicily. Gela. Tetradrachm, 425/420 B.C. Estimate: 12,500 euros, Hammer price: 38,000 euros.
Sicily. Kamarina. Tetradrachm, 425/405 B.C. Estimate: 10,000 euros, Hammer price: 40,000 euros.Pertinax, 193. Aureus, Rome. Estimate: 40,000 euros, Hammer price: 47,000 euros.Kingdom of Macedonia. Alexander III, 336-323 B.C. Distater, 330/320 B.C., Amphipolis. Estimate: 7,500 euros, Hammer price: 28,000 euros.