Thursday, 18 November 2021

Maturing portraits of Nero

A silver cistophorus (three denarius coin) of 50-51 CE, which portrays Nero at 13, before he became emperor. Nero was 19 when this portrait appeared on silver denarii of 56-57 CE.
Maturing portraits on Roman coins is rare. Few emperors began their reigns young and ruled long enough that change can be observed in their coinage. Nero is famous for debasing currency and severely taxing to fund his palace, the Domus Aurea. Nero is also infamous for persecuting Christians and blaming them for the great fire of 64 AD.
Nero was 22 on a silver tetradrachm struck 59-60 CE.

Nero was 25 in 62-63 CE.

A menacing portrait appeared on a silver tetradrachm of 65-66 CE.
The great fire cleared the way for Nero's Domus Aurea on the Oppian Hill in the heart of ancient Rome.
This coin was struck within a year of his death in 68. He was about 30.
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