Tuesday, 19 April 2022

The Torlonia Collection

96 Greek and Roman sculptural pieces from the fifth century BCE to the fourth century CE have gone on display.

Nearly 100 of the finest classical statues, busts, sculptures and reliefs from the fifth century BC to the fourth century AD will go on display in a palazzo on Rome’s Capitoline Hill.
They constitute a priceless collection of ancient Roman statuary that was amassed by Italy’s aristocratic Torlonia family. Accessible only to a chosen few, the collection became the stuff of legend. Even scholars knew it only from its catalogue, which was compiled in 1884. It is thought to be the largest collection in the world. Part of the Torlonia Collection is revealed to the outside world for the first time in its history.

One of the highlights of the collection is a stone relief, about 4ft wide and 3ft high, which depicts a busy scene at Portus, ancient Rome’s port on the Tyrrhenian coast.
The Torlonia Marbles will be embarking on a world tour of museums.