Friday, 10 September 2021

Shropshire sun pendant goes on display

The pendant has been purchased for £250,000.The British Museum has acquired a 3,000-year-old gold sun pendant heralded as one of the most important bronze age finds of the last century. The well-preserved pendant, or bulla, was discovered by a metal detectorist in Shropshire in 2018. It was made by someone who was clearly skilled in their craft sometime around 1,000-800 BC.
The sun pendant will go on public display for the first time at Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery as part of the British Museum's national programmes. The elegant form and intricate decoration of the gold pendant includes a rare depiction of the sun. The bulla is only the second ever found in Britain. The other Irton bulla – now lost – was discovered near Manchester in 1722 and is only known from a picture. Its quality was so high that experts of the day believed it must be Roman.