Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Celtic coins - Geoff Cottam collection

Spink London sold the Celtic coin collection of Geoff Cottam on December 2, 2015. One of the most stunning rarities is one of the finest known gold quarter staters of the Atrebates and Regni peoples, minted under Tincomarus, (c.20 BC-AD 10). It is a 'Medusa' type.

Celtic, Trinovantes and Catuvellauni, uninscribed coinage, (c.60-20 BC), gold Quarter Stater, 1.25g,

Addedomaros Crescent Cross. c.45-25 BC.
The Celtic tribes left little archaeological evidence  to understand their culture, and almost all written description of them comes from others.

All that remains are a few artifacts; of which this collection was an incredible treasure trove.