Monday, 13 July 2020

High status mummies discovered in an ancient temple

The mummies of two high-status ancient Egyptians discovered in a temple on the Nile delta may bring researchers a step closer to finding the remains of Cleopatra. The mummies are in a poor state of preservation because water had seeped into the tomb. They were originally covered with gold leaf – a luxury reserved for only the elite – meaning they may have interacted with Cleopatra in her time.

Experts believe Cleopatra made plans for herself and Anthony to be buried at a temple called Taposiris Magna in order to imitate the ancient myth of Isis and Osiris.
According to the myth, Osiris was killed and hacked into pieces that were scattered across Egypt. After finding all of the pieces and making her husband whole again, Isis was able to resurrect him for a time.

200 coins bearing Cleopatra's likeness links the pharaoh ruler directly to Taposiris Magna, which was founded in the third century BC.