Tuesday, 3 August 2021

The Trier Gold Hoard

A Dutch man is facing attempted robbery charges for the failed theft of the Trier Hoard. In 2019, a group of men broke into the Rhineland State Museum with the intention to steal the hoard. The group entered the museum by scaling scaffolding and prying open a window. Inside, they discovered a thick pane of glass reinforced with steel mesh. It proved too difficult to remove. Within three minutes the alarm went off, prompting the thieves to flee.
The 'Trier Gold Hoard' is the largest Roman gold hoard ever discovered. It comprises 2,516 gold coins weighing 18.5 kg. The hoard was discovered in 1993 in Trier Germany. The oldest coins were struck by Emperor Nero in the years 63/64 AD, the youngest under Septimius Severus between 193 and 196.