Monday, 27 September 2021

Hoard of Roman gold found in Spain

Divers off the coast of Spain have uncovered a treasure trove of 53 gold coins from the Roman Empire. Luis Lens and César Gimeno were freediving in the Mediterranean Sea while on vacation in Xàbia, Spain. They came across a shiny object that resembled a "10 cent coin." After retrieving the object, they noticed an inscription with an ancient Greek or Roman face. Using the corkscrew of a Swiss Army knife, they discovered another seven coins embedded in a rock crevice. Experts were called and 53 gold coins were found.
The hoard contains; Valentinian I (3 - AD 364 to 375), Valentinian II (7 - AD 375 and 392), Todosio I (15 - AD 379 to 395), Arcadius (17 - AD 383 to 408), Honorius (10 - AD 393 to 423), and an unidentified coin. Experts suppose the coins could have been intentionally hidden to avoid looting barbarians, such as the Alans.
The coins shed light on a historical moment of insecurity with the arrival of barbarians, such as the Suevi, Vandals, and Alans, leading to the fall of the Roman Empire.