Monday 21 March 2022

Getty Museum told to hand over 'Victorious Youth' by Italians, again

In 2021 the Italian senate approved a resolution that could pave the way to restitutions as politicians call for return of the ancient Greek bronze also known as Atleta di Fano
Italy’s highest court ordered the Getty Museum in Los Angeles in 2018 to return an ancient Greek bronze statue that was found off the Adriatic coast of Italy by fishermen in 1964. The ruling by the Court of Cassation in Rome was the latest round in a decade-long, acrimonious dispute over the ownership of the exquisite bronze figure, known as Victorious Youth or the Getty Bronze. The Getty Museum immediately rejected the judgment, saying it had no intention of giving up the fourth century BC statue. The museum bought it in 1977 for $3.95 million from a German art dealer. Italian authorities maintain that the statue was illegally taken out of the country.