Thursday, 12 May 2022

Greek Armor

Surviving bronzes from Greece’s classical period are rare, with knowledge based on Roman marble copies. Functional items such as 4th century BC cavalry armour—helmet, cuirass and greaves, all highly decorated ... are rare survivals. As combat in ancient Greece was mainly hand to hand, armor was light and allowed for free movement.
In 2017 an ancient Greek Corinthian helmet was found in a 5th century BC grave in the Taman Peninsula. Corinthian helmets appeared in Greece around the 6th century BC.
Greek Attic helmet of domed form, circa 300 BC, hammered bronze. Estimate £60,000-£90,000.

In 2007 a well-preserved ancient Greek helmet was found near the Israeli city of Haifa. Crafted in the sixth century B.C., this helmet was likely used during the Persian Wars, which pitted Greek city-states against the Persian Empire in a series of clashes between 492 and 449 B.C.