Sunday, 4 September 2022

The Gjermundbu Helmet

On March 30 1943, during World War II in Nazi-occupied Norway a rich discovery was made. A burial mound on a farm in Ringerike contained the burnt remains of two males and 76 different objects. They were placed in a wheelbarrow and hidden from the Germans. Among the objects, which date to the 900s, was a Viking helmet.

Almost 80 years after the finds, the Gjermundbu helmet is still very special.
The Gjermundbu helmet was found in nine fragments and was restored.

The helmet remains the first and only known helmet dating back to the Viking era. Research indicates that Vikings rarely used metal helmets. Despite popular culture, there is no evidence that Vikings used horned helmets in battle. The helmet was made of iron and was in the shape of a peaked cap made from four plates.