Saturday, 12 November 2022

Celtic ruler's ring expected to bring £30,000

A metal detectorist found the ring in Knaresborough in the 1990s and sold it to its current owner for a few hundred pounds. He left it in a cupboard for 28 years.A gold ring thought to have been worn by a Celtic king 2,000 years ago is to be auctioned off - after spending nearly three decades in a cupboard. The ring was unearthed in a North Yorkshire field in 1994. The ring dates back to 100BC and is expected to fetch up to £30,000. A chieftain of the Corieltauvi tribe, which ruled parts of the Midlands and Yorkshire, is thought to have worn it.
The ring's distinctive design is linked to the Iceni tribe, which ruled a large part of East Anglia before the Roman invasion.