Saturday, 4 March 2023

Ancient Helmets

A Greek bronze Corinthian Helmet. Archaic Period. Circa 7th Century B.C. $106,250
A Greek Chalcidian Type. $ 40k.
A Greek Illyrian helmet. circa 550-500 B.C. $27,500
A Greek bronze helmet. Corinthian type. Circa 2nd half of 6th century B.C. 205k.

Greek hoplite helmet. Macedonian 3rd century BC.
The Chalcidian helmet was an improvement on the earlier Corinthian and Illyrian types. Its lighter design allowed for greater mobility, while its curves around the ears maximized the soldier’s ability to hear. This helmet dates to around 450 and 400 BC.

An extremely rare Roman bronze cavalry parade helmet. The Crosby Garrett Helmet. Circa late 1st-2nd century. GBP 2,281,250 in 2010.
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